Top 10 Struggles of Being a Pescetarian

I've been a pescetarian for about 8 months now (the anniversary is coming up real soon!). First let me explain what a pescetarian is. A pescetarian (pesco-vegetarian) is a plant based diet that excludes meat from the diet, but allows the consumption of seafood. Be aware that if you eat too much fish you will be subject to hazardous mercury levels. Be sure to be aware of the mercury levels in fish. One cheat that I use to get away from the mercury levels is to substitute with shrimp every once in a while, or use beans!

I can tell you the path of pescetarian dieting has been a really tough journey for me, but it probably won't be for everyone else. (This is not a complete guide to the problems you will face, you may or may not face these problems, or you may find more. If you find more please share them with me! I love learning new things. Good luck out there.) I will tell you that if you live in the south where everything is thrown in flour, fired, and your plate is loaded more than the national guard, then you're going to have problems. So let's take a look at the top 10 struggles I've come across on this journey as a pescetarian. Side note: Look at that dish! Yum! Already looking like a great idea to go Pesco-Vegetarian doesn't it?

1. Your Friends Eat Horrible...

...Or at least you're more aware of what your friends eat now, because at one point in time, you've dined with these trash cans and enjoyed it. Your friends will even chastise you for eating like a bird, or being inhuman because you live on plants, fruits, and fish everyday. You'll get use to it once you start thinking about all the foods you actually do eat that they've never experienced or heard of. Oh, and try not to push your diet on them, just let them watch and be envious of your full belly, and small waist.

2. That's The End of Fast Food

I know what you're thinking, "I'll just get a Fillet-O-Fish from McDonald's", and I'll tell you, have fun eating that gluten, lard, and 18 ingredient bread. I might not have to tell you this if you're already a pescetarian though, because you're probably already label reading like the rest of us health nuts. Although, you could just get a salad...

3. Your Family Doesn't Care

Your at home support system will be your worst enemy. They will cook steak, they will cook chicken, they will cook turkey, and they will not cook fish until they are ready. Be ready to starve or ask them to buy you some canned fish, clams, and oysters to add to the side of the dish.

4. You Are Now A Food Nazi

Screw 4 years of school, you've already graduated from Food Nazi University with a degree in Nutrition. You tell all your friends about the horrible hydrogenated oils, GMO's (and let's not get started if they don't know what Monsanto is), the ills of processed foods, and you will scrunch your face when they tell you about their last meal.

5. You Will Learn How to Cook, or Go Raw

I love cooking. I'm a natural amateur chef. I started off cooking a bunch, and now it's just eat everything while its fresh. When you go raw, people will look at you like you're some type of creature from the night. Just hiss at them and enjoy the freshness.

6. The Closest Thing to Fast Food You'll Get is Chinese Food

I may have said you won't be able to do fast food, but Asian takeout has saved me a few nights! Fried or steamed rice with shrimp broccoli. Whew, thank you for the Asian cuisine. Maybe you could go to Long John Silvers, or Captain D's...

7. Say Hello To Sardines!

If you can get past the stench, studies have shown that sardines are nutrient dense! They pack a punch when it comes to getting what you need in a meal side, or snack! Oh, be sure to freshen your breath before you come in contact with humans again, you pesco-vegetarian you.

8. You Will Want to Move to the Coast, but can't...

For obvious reasons. The struggle is that although you have changed with your diet, everything else hasn't. You can't just pick up and leave that job you love/hate so much. If you can, however join me in my journey to living on a boat, you might even be my neighbor one day. "Ahoy Matey."

9. You Discover It's Expensive

Fresh salmon, crab legs, lobster, shrimp. Yeah It gets price if you don't know what you're looking for. Keep it simple and try tilapia, catfish, swai, flounder, and sometimes shrimp... Or just go get the shrimp fried rice for $3. (Please excuse that chicken there, they thought when we said chicken of the sea, instead of canned tuna, they gave us chicken and the sea.)

10. You Will Not be Able to Eat Your Old Favorites Again.

After you stop eating read meat and poultry, it's a long road back to adjusting your body to the toxins. You'll get sick when trying to eat any other meat again. You'll probably even get sick at the smell of meat being cooked, unless you're at a BBQ.

Bonus: You are the Seafood BBQ Chef at all Cookouts NO MATTER WHAT!

If the sky is falling, yeah... You're the seafood grill master, so get you're BBQ-ing skills in line my fellow pesco's. Without a doubt, you're cooking at the cookouts, even for the vegetarians.
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The Tuskegee Project: Group Economics

Wow! My first ever video that I've uploaded on YouTube over 10 minutes!! Scratch that, my first ever documentary!! I've done many projects, and lots of videos, but none of them have been as exciting, and consuming as this one. This project started in February of 2014, and on September 30, 2014 I finally completed the documentary to a movement I participated in during Black History Month. This project was full of ups and downs among other things. Working along side two other partners, Jazlyn Fuller and Nia Hicks, we accomplished much of what most people talk about for years, in only 28 days, and all it required was ACTION! You will soon learn about my ideals for action later on this blog if you stick around.

If you have an interest in economics, black communities, or activism in general, you will love to add this film to your things to watch. It's short, sweet, and to the point. This documentary was geared to be set as an example to all communities around the globe that are suffering from a poorly developed economic system. Like I've stated before in this blog, I'm an activist of action, and I will find a solution to a problem and make it happen. I won't get to lengthy about the project, I'll let the project do the talking.

The Tuskegee Project: Group Economics is a short documentary that seeks to bring awareness to a community of African Americans about the importance of group economics in their community. This is a common issue in many communities around the globe, and this documentary seeks to focus its energy in one community; Sharing the results from the project to aid other communities. A group of students for one month, Black History Month, patronized black owned businesses in a predominately black community to aid in the development of their college town.

Acting as a model to others, this documentary provides enough information while promoting ACTION. This is not a theory based documentary, but a documentary built around the actions of a few students in their community. If three students can change their community in 28 days, what can you do?
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Rapid Eye Movement BETA Season

What is Rapid Eye Movement:

Rapid Eye Movement is a stage of sleep that is associated with rapid movement of the eyes. Rapid Eye Movement sleep typically occupies 20-25% of sleep, and you have about 4 or 5 REM phases as you go through the night. The REM sleep starts short in the beginning and gets longer as you progress through the night. The best part about REM sleep is, this is where dreams are made. REM sleep is the deepest phase of sleep, and your body releases a hormone that paralysis your body so you don't act out your dreams. Before we go any further, let's talk about what dreams are. Dreams are thought to be messages that allow you to handle things in your waking life. Dreams are thought to be messages from Gods/Angels/Spirits. Dreams are thought to be your mind sorting through your day, and allowing you to retain information that you learned. Dreams are thought to be a way for your mind to clear the clutter of the day. Dreams are also thought to be a way for you to practice your fight or flight response in a safe way. My idea is that dreams are a combination of all of these things. I believe the mind is allowing you to solve problems, and practice situations that are imperative to you in your waking life. With that said, let's go into why I made REM.

I made REMTA because I wanted to take the idea that the mind is teaching you in abstract ways, and apply it to your waking life. If your mind can help you understand life better through dreams, then why not help others learn while they're awake, and display everyday global issues/social issues through the same medium. We watch videos everyday, but are they challenging you to think critically or abstractly about major issues in the world. The world around us is just as important as you are. Your dreams help you solve your problems. REMTA helps you solve everyday issues, and allows you to discuss them openly with other thinkers in the world.


Rapid Eye Movement The Anthology Promo Episode: Learn how to make "The Struggle Pizza" from Ramen Noodles; Experience toilet humor that you can relate to; Listen to our spotlight artists awesome music; Try to decipher what the silent short titled "Crossroads" is all about; Help our brave guest decipher her dream that she shares with us, all on the official first episode of Rapid Eye Movement.

Episode One - Late Night Package

A video date is interrupted by an unexpected package delivery in the middle of the night. All gifts aren’t always the best, and some gifts are to die for. Check out the very first Episode of Rapid Eye Movement:The Anthology! This episode is packed with new ways to cook without the need for seasoning, and tunes from BearKnuckle!

Featured Music: bearknuckle.bandcamp.com 

Episode Two - Studying Alone

This is the second installment to Rapid Eye Movement. Sarah can’t study in her dorm late Tuesday night, and finds a nice isolated spot on campus. The campus is rumored to have mysterious things happening to the students late at night, so studying alone may not be the best idea. This episode is packed with nifty ideas to keep your house illuminated during emergencies, and great tunes from Handsome Fallacies!

Episode Three - Billboard

11 months before a supernatural baby doll killed James Hunter, he was trying to help a friend get a textbook from a fellow student she found on Collegebread.com. James has a habit of text messaging and driving, but that is not his downfall in this third installment to Rapid Eye Movement! This episode is packed with clever ideas to go green as a musician, and tunes from Divinity Roxx Featured Music: DivinityRoxx.com

Episode Four - Burning Bridges

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Episode Five - Forbidden Love

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Featured Music: johnnyapollo.bandcamp.com
Special Thanks to http://www.facebook.com/BizzyBs (Bizzy B’s) for the location!

Episode Six - Duct Tape

If something is broken, do you fix it or throw it away? Check out the 6th installment to Rapid Eye Movement: The Anthology! This episode is filled with glowing bottles, visual stimulating images, and great tunes from Magicizaproblem!

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Oil Lamps Made From Beer Bottles | 3rain's Laboratory |

How Oil Lamps Work

Oil lamps are one of the oldest means to produce light in low lighting areas. The technology behind an oil lamp is very simple. After soaking a wick into the fuel (oil) the flame will draw the oil up the wick like a sponge draws water. This action is known as capillary action.

Capillary action can be seen in nature as trees grab water from the ground and bring them to the furthest leaves on the branches. Capillary action happens because there are small tubes that liquid can either elevate or depress into. This happens because of the cohesion of the surface of a tube, and the adhesion of the liquid. This causes the water to act against gravity. Capillary effect happens in cotton, or paper towels because there are many small spaces between the fibers that act like tubes, and the liquid moves into those spaces. Capillary effect is also known as "wicking."

Here is what you need

  • Beer Bottle
  • Siccors
  • Old sock, or anything 100% Cotton
  • Cooking Oil
  • Lighter/matches


Step 1: Create your wick from your old sock by cutting a section from it. Cut it vertically so you can have a lengthy wick.

Step 2: Carve a hole into the your bottle top. Cut the hole wide enough to fit your wick.

Step 3: Push your wick through the bottle top.

Step 4: Fill your bottle as close to the rim as you can with the fuel (oil). If you do not have enough oil just add water before you pour your oil. The oil will float to the top, and will still work just as well.

Step 5: Dip the short end of the wick into the oil.

Step 6: Wipe off the access.

Step 7: Insert the long end of your wick into the bottle, and twist the cap on.

Step 8: Wait an hour, or until you notice the wick has started to absorb the oil.
Step 9: Ignite your wick.

For best results:
Let your wick soak in the oil for a few hours.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil has worked best for me.
Publisher: Brian Ellis - 14:30

A Cheap and Natural Way to Heat Your Room | 3rain's Laboratory |

What's going on 3rainiacs! It's getting cold outside! 'Tis the season for snuggling, fireplaces, and heat bills. Well maybe not. Recently, I'm guessing due to the temperature, there have been videos about creating candled powered space heaters to cut back on the heat bill costs. So... I had to try it. Why? Because if these little candled powered cheap devices can heat up a room, then these little suckers should be taught, or given to the homeless to provide them some heat through these cold months. There are also countries without heat that could benefit from these cheap devices! Think about it, beeswax is cheap. All you need is a wick, wax and fire to make a candle.. I made this device for less than $20, candles included, and I'm sure there are cheaper ways to develop this device.

This is the first installment to the Cheap Heat segment, I will be discovering a more efficient way to heat your homes for cheap during these cool months! As for the heater, does it take longer to heat up a room? Yes, but that is only a small price to pay for some extra cash in your pocket! Does it work? I completely turned the heat off in my house for a full day just to test it's efficiency. The heater brought my room from ridiculously cold, to "I can walk around the room with my undies, a hoodie, and socks on." Give it a shot yourself! Share the video with friends you know, that need some warmth in your life. I've also seen some pretty nifty candled powered space heaters that use three clay pots! Here is the link to the video: http://youtu.be/t5PA-Blw7G8 and Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow along!

In the video I briefly discuss that the space heater creates a convection current, but I would like to go into further detail about convection currents so you can better understand how this gizmo works! If you have ever taken any grade school science class, I'm sure you've gone over this topic. Convection currents can be made by any body of matter. The basics of how a convection current works is simple. When matter is heated, it becomes less dense, and when matter is cool it becomes more dense. As the less dense matter rises, the more dense matter falls. That is why when you are hot you tend to want to lay in the lowest area you can find. The device that we created captures the heat of five flames, and adds more surface area to create a bigger convection current in the air. Once the air rises from the holes in the second pot, it creates a convection current of cool air that enters the bottom of the second pot, that then takes the heat from the first pot, and rises out of the holes into the air! The diagram below is an example of how a heat source creates convection currents to heat a space. The candle powered space heater uses the exact same method.

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Happiness Is Contagious, and This is how I know

Pharrell Williams has taken the world by storm with his most played single "Happy"! The song has even landed an official holiday with the United Nations Foundation on March 20th as International Day of Happiness! The goal for this Holiday was to bring happiness to everyone for a day. Well, you know that I like challenges, and I actually base most of my creations around goals that the United Nations have deemed a great problem or my own. As a producer myself I've always looked up to Pharrell as a musician. He has made more hits than you can name, and I bet he has something to do with one of your favorite songs. With that said, March 20th could not have been a more perfect reason for me to spread happiness to my college campus! I teamed up with Tiger Press, a multimedia power on the campus of Tuskegee University, to use their Instagram as a medium to spread the "Happy Bug" around campus the fastest. I started with this campaign video on March 19th:

The campaign promotion video made a significant amount of likes, which shocked me because my campus can be a little weak on participation, unfortunately. The numbers looked promising and that night I decided that I will spread happiness to the campus and get people involved, no matter what. So the next morning I woke up and posted this video to peek peoples interest in making their own videos:
That video made another great amount of likes, and I was so ready to start seeing people jump in and make their own videos... Well a few hours passed, and I didn't see any activity. I thought to myself, "Maybe the campus needs to see more students participating.." I decided to post another one of my pre-made videos, thanks to Tiger Press for gathering a few clips prior.
And then it happened! I heard the Instagram videos being played in a room next to mine, and I decided to go check out who was playing the videos. When I entered the room, there were four girls sitting and smiling. This made it easy for me to just come right out and say, "Who wants to do a happy dance for the International Day of Happiness"? A bit confused they asked what they had to do, and I gave them the idea of what the happy dance was, they took it and made it their own!
I saw how happy the girls were after only giving me 15 seconds of happiness, and I decided that I would just bring happiness wherever I went that day! So, I did something I rarely do, I went to go socialize with anyone I felt needed the happiness.
The word started getting out about the International Day of Happiness, and the campus was all over the Tiger Press Instagram liking, and sharing the videos with their friends. We even had a few celebrity guest on campus that decided to join in on the fun! The creators of the NAE NAE decided to give their share of happiness!
And then... The greatest part of the day! People started making their own videos at home to share with everyone!
The happiness started spreading in more ways then I originally realized.. People were having a great time observing other people having a great time. They were laughing, and smiling while watching the videos! Once I realized this I decided to turn up the campaign! I posted another pre-made video and decided to get more people involved with making videos!
The campus was excited to see something positive spreading around the community, and more people made their own videos! Some videos of which I can't post here because they have a privacy setting on their Instagram's. 
At the end of the day, I learned that happiness is indeed contagious, and it only takes one person to spread a small amount of it, for it to reach many.
Publisher: Brian Ellis - 01:40


So how exactly did I come up with the idea of ALC.E? Well the first reason is pretty obvious.. I had a friend die in a drunk driving accident. R.I.P to her, and condolences to her family and friends. On a more lighter note the second reason is a pretty epic story! It all begins the night after my best friend and I go out to party, and I get my wallet stolen while dancing with some chick at the club. My best friend, for the sake of the story we will call him “Turn Up,” is a person that loves to party, and drink. He calls me the next day and asks me what’s going down tonight. I guess since after showing him a good night out he felt as though I knew where all the parties were…
Well, I knew the people that knew where the parties were, so that’s the next best thing. So we meet up, and we start talking about what we are going to do that day. I call up my co-worker, for the sake of the story we will call him “Cool Guy,” and he tells me about this pretty cool bar. I tell Turn Up, and he’s all excited. We split ways because he has some business to take care of, and I meet up with my other best friend, for the sake of the story we will call him “Fitted Cap.”
We’re at his house chilling, and I have this awesome idea that we should get the old gang back together! I tell Fitted that me and Turn Up are headed to this awesome bar and ask him if he is trying to go out. Fitted was down for the cause, so now we had to get our last member in on this dopeness.Now with our last member.. She, for the sake of the story we will call her “OB (One of the Boys),” is a very elusive one.
Normally it’s hard to get in contact with her because she is either busy, or doesn't answer her phone. Somehow I was able to get her to answer the phone and to join us! So now the mission is to get my license back so I can drink at the bar. This may have been the most tedious process of the night. We traveled all around the metro area for three hours, I still didn't get an ID, and I wasted gas. I’m a college kid, and gas prices is mortgage in my mind.
So I decide that I’m going to get in anyway, I call Cool Guy to see if it’s possible, and he tells me how to do it. We get to the bar, and sure enough I get in. We’re all pumped and ready to get this thing going. When I tell you that we partied our asses off… I mean… We partied our asses off. We had a nice amount of drink and the music was amazing. Not only that, but the bar had two floors!
It was like something out of a movie. Anyways, the party got so good OB called some designated drivers for us so we could continue the night. After all this partying, I lose track of my friends. They are nowhere to be found in the club. I start walking to the car to make sure they didn’t leave me (Drunk Idea), and they are actually coming back. They wanted to give some JU JU JUICE to some other people we invited. Everybody walks back inside, but me. I couldn’t get in because guess what… I don’t have an I.D and the bouncer is now checking I.D’s. Great… I stand outside for about 20 minutes, and my friends tell me to walk around back. I slip in the back door, and before you know it…

I’m back in the game dancing my ass off. Everyone else was killing it too. Eventually everybody started realizing that we are beyond our level of drinking, and we are danced out. A few friends we invited to come along had started vomiting, and I knew then that was our time to roll out.
So I find Fitted, and he tells me to find everybody so we can head back to the house. We leave the party and we let our DD work their magic. Thank you to all the DD’s btw! I’m not sure if I told you thank you yet. We make it to the house and I ask Fitted can I stay at his place so I don’t have to drive. He’s cool with it, and Turn Up is getting in his car. I ask him does he want to stay with us, and he said he’s going to go home since it’s only down the street. Because it was only down the street we let him go ahead. (Drunk Idea). Everything after is black. I wake up in the morning by a phone call, and what do you know… It’s Turn Up. I’m thinking he’s about to talk about all the fun he had, but he tells me he got a DUI.
That incident left a huge impression on me, and I knew that if we were conscious of how much we were drinking, at least a reaffirmation, we would have been able to hold our limits without going past them. His DUI could have easily been his death, or someone else like my friend who died prior from the drunken accident. So this is the birth of ALC.E. This story is 98% true. The 2% comes from the names, but regardless look at the lesson learned. If your friend is too drunk to drive. Take his/her keys and house them. Their lives, and everyone else is at stake. So be on the look out for ALC.E


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